Welcome to the TANTRA TEMPLE!

Our expert speakers and educators will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and healing, introducing you to ways to harness the energy of pleasure and bliss to enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
Engaging in tantra can bring numerous benefits, such as increased sensuality and amplified pleasure and intimacy. You can also enjoy a boost in energy and improved physical and emotional health, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.
At the Tantra Temple, we believe that sacred sexuality is more than just a practice—it’s a way of life.

BRISBANE Tantra Instructors

MoonRose Magick

MoonRose is an Educator, Facilitator, Performer and Creatrix of The Temple Rose – Orgasmic Temple Arts and Sensual Wellness Path. MoonRose is your Temple Mistress for The Tantra Temple at Lovex, who will be MC hosting, performing, and facilitating workshops in this area.

Eros Activaton – Want to feel more pleasure and aliveness? It’s time to wake up your base! We will be discovering some practical and playful ways to get you out of your head and into the ecstatic places in your body – where pleasure is waiting for you to turn it ON!

Tantric Temple GamesCome and Join us for some interactive playful games in the tantra temple to create more play, curiosity, connection and heart centred turn on in and outside the bedroom!

Full Body OrgasmYou have the potential to have orgasmic bliss on every cell of your body! Come and learn some practical tips on how to start awakening your body to its full body blissful potential

Eleanor Hadley is a Certified Sex Educator, writer and speaker based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Known for her embodied lap dance teachings, Eleanor has taught ‘The Art of Seduction’ on national stages, and is a regular featured writer for various national publications where she shares her signature informative yet cheeky and relatable style with her audience.

Tongue Tactics – Join Certified Sex Educator Eleanor Hadley to learn the art of licking, sucking, blowing and eating out like a pro as she teaches you how to pleasure a pu$$y or a penis with tips for fellatio and cunnilingus, plus an intro to fingering to arm you with the best tips to drive your lover wild.

EJ Love

International Bestselling Author of Become the One and Co-Creatrix of the Conscious Sexuality Experience and Practitioner Trainings and host of the ‘Deep Conscious Sex’ Podcast. She has worked in conscious sexuality and relating since 2010 and now trains and mentors people who desire to lead, heal, coach and facilitate in this field.

Sexual Healing – EJ Love shares her story and her knowledge on how tantric sexual healing practices healed her sexual blocks, opened her body up to more pleasure and led her to offering tantric sexual healing work for men. Learn some simple ways you can bring this into your bedroom for yourself and your lover!

Deep Tantric Sex EJ Love will share what Tantric Sex actually is – No it’s not like the Kama Sutra! You will discover the profound connection between physical intimacy and spirituality and EJ will demo and guide some gentle clothes on practices that can open you to a much deeper level of pleasure and intimacy.

Tantric C*ck Workshop – EJ Love shares in depth about the tantric work and practices she developed whilst working with men in the sex industry and how the sacred art of tantric c*ck worship can open men up to deeper pleasure, orgasms, connection and intimacy. Come learn how to love and pleasure your c*ck owner.

Amber Ella-Vatrix

Amber is a Conscious Kink Coach, Tantric Priestess, Shibari Switch, Service top for women, and the Stylist and Intimacy Educator behind the Erotic Edge. Miss Ella~Vatrix has a unique approach to BDSM and kink that is sensual, intentional and heart based.

The Art of Tantric Kink – Miss Ella-Vatrix will dive into weaving the realms of tantra and kink together to discover full body bliss in new ways. Mixing the nice and the spice together, Tantric Kink can open new forms of erotic play in consciously delicious ways

Cindra Banks

Cindra helps open-minded people have fun, playful and easy relationships through better sex and clearer communication. She has been working with couples and individuals for over three years as a Sex Coach and recently graduated from a Certificate in Sexological Bodywork, to offer Vulva (yoni) and Anal Mapping.

Discover your Orgasmic Potential – Are you ready to increase your libido and cultivate a more intimate connection with your partner (or potential partners)? You’ll explore techniques to fire up your sex drive and awaken your orgasmic potential, that will transform the relationship with yourself and your partner. 

Unleash you Inner SensualityA self pleasure journey! Learn to turn yourself on in ways that you may never thought of before as you embark on a transformative journey of self-exploration and pleasure. Come and embrace your body, tap into your desires and cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness.

Luke Skewes

Luke Skewes is a sex educator, creator and one of Australia’s leading relationship and intimacy coaches he has spoken and facilitated all over the country, he has regularly segments on radio and podcasts. He helps couples and individuals explore sexuality, expand their intimacy, find their edge & come back to hot steamy love.

The Sensual AwakeningCome and tap into your inner eros, seduce yourself by learning the subtle art of sensual touch, sensation play and the magic of slowing down. Sensual touch is one of the most moving tools to learn the erogenous zones of the body and drop into bliss, increasing libido,

The Orgasmic BreathDiscover the power of breath to connect with your lover, yourself and expand your experience of the great and powerful orgasm. Learn conscious connected breathing with your partner to enhance your intimate connection.

Kiki De Lux

Kiki De Lux is playful, a bon vivant, and a born again lady lover. She’s the creator of She Loves Her, and her life’s calling is to help every woman who wants to have sex with women to feel supported, exited and confident.

She Loves Her So you are a woman who is new to dating women. Curious? Excited? Ready for a new adventure but not quite sure where to begin? Then this workshop is for you! This newbies guide to making love to a woman is all about connecting with desire, and feeling confident and ready to have sex with a women for the first time. Join your host Kiki Delux in a safe space that’s been lovingly created for all the women who are ready to expand their sexual horizons but aren’t quite sure about what comes next. This is the perfect place start you lady love journey.


Friday, July 21st, 5pm-Midnight


Tantra Temple Opening Ceremony


EJ Love - Deep Tantric Sex


Moonrose Magick - Tantric Temple Games


Cindra Banks - Discover your Orgasmic Potential


Amber Ella-Vatrix - Tantric Kink

Saturday, July 22nd, 10am-2:30pm


Cindra Banks - Unleash your Inner Sensuality


MoonRose Magick - Full Body Orgasm


Eleanor Hadley - Tongue Tactics

Saturday, July 22nd 3pm-7:30pm


KiKi De Lux - She Loves Her


EJ Love - Tantric C*ck Worship


Luke Skewes - The Orgasmic Breath

Saturday, July 22nd 8pm-Midnight


MoonRose Magick - Tantric Temple Games


Amber Ella-Vatrix - Tantric Kink


MoonRose Magick - Eros Activation

Sunday, July 23rd, 11am-6pm


Luke Skewes - The Sensual Awakening


MoonRose Magick - Full Body Orgasm


EJ Love - Sexual Healing


Cindra Banks - Discover your Orgasmic Potential


Tantra Temple - Closing Ceremony

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