What is LoveX?

What is LoveX?

S*xpo Evolves into LoveX:

The show you know and LOVE, without the Shadowban.

“S**po’s rebrand to LoveX marks a fundamental shift in addressing sexuality with a focus on enhancing awareness around intimacy, fostering diversity, and establishing a safe space for meaningful connections. This creates a seamless transition into a new era of inclusive and respectful discourse around human sexuality”.

LoveX is an immersive stage for discovering the realms of sexuality, intimacy, and pleasure through awe-inspiring performances and insightful workshops that will delight, enlighten, and connect you with others while awakening your senses.

Be swept away by jaw-dropping acrobatic feats that defy gravity, seduced by sultry burlesque shows where elegance and eroticism collide, and drawn into the mesmerising world of kink at the Kink Studio.  Unlock the mysteries of sacred sexuality at the Tantra Temple and feel empowered while celebrating your body at the Amateur Strip Competition.

Experience the hottest runway event showcasing lingerie, leather, and latex from Australia’s top brands at LoveX. Explore our retail zone and view our range of innovative products, including sleek leather, erotic art, and thrilling BDSM equipment.

Whether you’re seeking captivating performances or knowledge about sexuality, intimacy, and pleasure, LoveX is the ultimate destination for the curious and adventurous.

Melbourne, Australia – Kevin Mack, the visionary owner of Sexpo, who acquired the brand in 2018, is proud to announce LoveX: a rebranded experience that embraces a new era of inclusivity and education. This groundbreaking transformation of the once sex and pornography-focused 27-year-old brand heralds a significant cultural shift towards an authentic experience centred around the key themes of human connection, education and entertainment.

Connection // Inclusivity // Exploration //
LoveX promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience that entertains and brings the crowd together through mesmerising stage shows that explore sexuality and entertainment. 
LoveX goes beyond the stage to offer a unique opportunity for visitors to explore mindfulness and deeper sexual self-awareness through respected teachers and educators at the Tantra Temple. In addition, there are plenty of other interactive features to engage in, including Sex Ed Seminars, an Amateur Strip Competition, the Kink Studio, and the Men of Dreams.
At LoveX, we believe in connecting, learning, and experiencing life with one another, all while celebrating the power of love. Our captivating entertainment and educational adventure aims to support the understanding that, at its essence, love is pure and unconditional. 

Each event just keeps getting better, we are thrilled to be a part of it.

Tyler - Curious Humans

One of the best events to advertise our products, reach new stockists and have a direct reach to customers.

Rebecca Pariis (The Kinky Scientist)

My work connections and collaborations as well as my overall fan base increased so much!

Luci Power
Content Creator
LoveX guarantees an adult festival experience that will feature unparalleled entertainment and unique opportunities to immerse yourself in an exciting world of connection.
LoveX will leave you feeling energised and inspired as we celebrate love in all its forms.



JULY 7-9
International Convention & Exhibition Centre
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JULY 21-23
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
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Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
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Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
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